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This restaurant is a triumph for humanity in these crazy times

September 17, 2020

Dear Owner and Staff,

I just want to thank you for the amazing lunch I had today. I ordered the garden salad with a salmon fillet. Incredible. There was a whole red bell pepper, olive oil, dill, awesome bread... I am studying for an exam and needed some good brain food. : ) Thanks for the superb quality - this restaurant is a triumph for humanity in these crazy times!

~ Tara Bounds

The flavors in this dish made me feel like I was on vacation.

May 4, 2018

I seriously can not say enough about this little gem, Flavory Bistro. My daughter and I called ahead to see if they were serving the shrimp and scallop paella tonight. The owner asked us when we would be there. We made the decision right then to skip shopping and go straight to dinner. They had a table reserved for us when we got there. 

While we waited, I enjoyed a beautiful glass of white wine and my daughter had a glass of lemonade. When the paella came out we knew immediately we made the right decision. The scallops were large and buttery and cooked to perfection. There was a great amount of fresh citrus squeezed on top. The shrimp was well-seasoned and cooked perfectly. The chicken, shrimp, and green olives in the rice were so fantastic. The flavors in this dish made me feel like I was on vacation. The owner was so friendly but completely unobtrusive. I absolutely love this place so so much!!!!

~ Dana Heston Suntken

Our first experience at Flavory Bistro was well worth the 25-minute drive!

April 24, 2018

We had our first experience at Flavory Bistro in Ankeny tonight, and it was fantastic!!! Well worth the 25-minute drive! We shared the paella and Mediterranean feast amongst four adults and a child with leftovers to take home. My husband’s favorite was the lamb, and I couldn’t even tell you which item was my favorite because they were all so good! The owner visited our table multiple times to welcome us, make recommendations, and thank us for visiting. We even got a free gluten-free chocolate chip walnut cookie. I would absolutely recommend this place and can’t wait to go back again!!

~ Emily McCombs

Flavory Bistro in Ankeny is fabulous!

April 22, 2018

Flavory Bistro in Ankeny is fabulous! We had the Mediterranean Feast for 4 people. The meat was tender and full of flavor (chicken & lamb, and we added steak). The veggies were fresh (salad and cooked). Hector, the owner, is friendly, kind and he will customize your order.

~ Lora Grabowski-Gibson


April 13, 2018

Flavory Bistro!! Sooooo good! My husband, three year old son, and I went for dinner for the first time around 5:30pm on Friday night and loved everything about this place. The staff is warm and welcoming, the owners were so chatty and friendly, and the food was delicious! We ordered two gyros and a kids' pasta, as well as a side caesar salad. The Tzaziki sauce was perfect, and the combo beef and lamb was great. I loved my salad and the kids portion of pasta was huge! We really wanted to try the feast, but knew it would be too big for the two us. Next time we will bring friends!!

~ Jamie Cochran

You could tell the owner really wanted us to enjoy our experience there.

February 23, 2018

I am definitely not an expert food critic but, as I eat leftovers from last night's experience, I feel compelled to share. A small group of us tried Flavory Bistro in Ankeny to celebrate a friend's birthday. The owner greeted us and was very welcoming. He attentively waited on us and presented what their restaurant was about and items on the menu. You could tell he really wanted us to enjoy our experience. Between our group we had the cheese platter, the mediterranean steak, the paella to share, and a children's Alfredo. Everything was absolutely amazing!!! The bread was wonderful. All the dishes were so fresh. The paella was huge, so so so delicious, and filled with seafood. They let us bring in an outside cake and joined us in singing and celebrating. Very sweet. Definitely a ma and pop, open-kitchen environment. We will absolutely be back!! 

~ Angelee Kauzlarich

The complexity of the flavors was amazing.

October 3, 2017

Went to Flavory Bistro tonight in Ankeny. We ordered the Mediterranean Feast. OMG. It was delicious. My husband couldn't stop eating it. Two different salads, Greek chicken, lamb, hummus, homemade cheese, pepper jelly, lima bean something, all delicious with the pita bread and other bread. The complexity of the flavors was amazing and reminded my husband of the food he had in Europe. We decided we would go back for the platter for any special occasion that comes up!

~ Kristi North Reed

I could eat here every day!

August 1, 2016

I am seriously impressed with Flavory Bistro! The food is worth the wait. For brunch, I had a fresh juice (you can choose from a list of veggies and add ins) and a vegetarian panini which was amazing! I returned tonight for dinner and had the shrimp fettuccini Alfredo made with yogurt. I would have sworn it was heavy cream! The shrimp were really fresh, large, and well-seasoned. My mom had chicken cordon bleu which was perfectly cooked and oozing cheese everywhere! Her dinner was accompanied by a delicious mushroom risotto and a fresh Caesar salad. They took time to talk with us and share their thoughts on food and culture. Dessert was tea with homemade walnut cookies which they put a little Nutella on! I could eat here every day!

~ Dawn Hay

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